PURA D’OR’s vision and values make it crucial that we practice ethical sourcing of oils. This means that we only use sustainably-sourced, unmanipulated organic essential oils in our products. To be frank, it's not simple to find farms and distilleries that meet our sourcing criteria. But we are more than willing to walk the extra mile. We dedicate the time and resources needed to ensure that our standards are met.

To help with our sourcing process, we partner with a Professional Certified Aromatherapist, Mikki Anderson. Mikki applies her expertise in essential oils and her passion for ethical sourcing to our international distillery searches. She has traveled abroad for us, met with distillers, observed their processes and returned with recommendations. Part of her role is to help PURA D’OR locate the finest quality organic and sustainable oils worldwide.

Mikki explains, “My advanced education in Aromatherapy enables me to test and discern the purity and effectiveness of essential oils. I know where the finest essential oils are sustainably grown and distilled.” Mikki is committed to sourcing these oils from trusted organic distillers and small-batch suppliers around the world.

With the help of trained specialists like Mikki, PURA D’OR scours the planet to discover family-run farms and small distilleries that implement sustainable practices. We’ve built relationships on practically every continent and sourced oils from many areas of the world. We’ve worked with suppliers from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America. We’re proud to say our oils originate from farms and distilleries that fairly compensate their workers.

The bottom line: PURA D’OR is committed to using sustainable sourcing methods. This helps us ensure that future generations have access to precious aromatic plants and can benefit from the essential oils these plants provide.

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Certificate of Analysis Quality Reports: GC/MS (Gas Chomatography/Mass Spectrometry) test results