Sarah was very into fitness, at only 25 years of age she began playing on the women's soccer team at her local college. Everyday Sarah would wake up, get dressed, make her breakfast and take her vitamins. Because Sarah wanted healthy, strong and luxurious hair Sarah would take an extra dose 7,500 IU of Beta Carotene she got from a local drug store. Sarah noticed that her hair indeed was getting stronger, thicker and more colorful than ever before. So Sarah decided to up her dose and take double the recommended dosage. Then Sarah also decided to started getting into juices as some of her friends were also juicing at the time. So Sarah began juicing once in the morning and soon enough Sarah was juicing 3 times a day. One carrot has about 4mg of beta carotene and Sarah was juicing about 10 carrots at a time so about 40mg per drink 3 times a day, thats about 120mg of beta carotene plus the double dose of beta carotene (15,000iu) she was already taking. After about 3 weeks of this Sarah started developing side effects. First she noticed a little more hair was coming out in the shower, then she noticed her hair was thinning when she looked in the mirror. So Sarah started drinking more carrot juice and more. Sarah was mortified and she tried everything to stop the alopecia she was experiencing. Then as if things couldn't get worse Sarah noticed her skin was changing color. Every day she noticed her skin was getting darker and darker. What is happening to me Sarah screamed into the mirror. Then her friends began to notice first they thought Sarah had just gotten a tan. But a few days later it was becoming more and more noticeable as Sarahs hair became thinner and thinner. Then one of Sarah's friends finally confronter and said “Sarah you don't look well, are you sick” as she gleamed over Sarah's thinning hair and now orangeish tinted skin. Sarah you have to go see a doctor! Your skin is…. Its… well… its orange!  There was no other way to explain it, Sarah's skin had turned orange, and her hair was thinner than ever before! Sarah immediately called her mom to tell her what was happening and her mom rushed her to the emergency room. 1 doctor after another came into the room to inspect Sarah's serious condition. They ran several blood tests and checked all her vitals. Thinking this may be some type of food allergy the doctor asks Sarah, what did you have to eat today. Sarah expresses to the doctor “i haven't eaten anything! I've just been drinking carrot juice”. How often do you drink carrot juice Sarah, asks the doctor. “3 times a day answers Sarah”. The doctor ran a few more blood tests and after receiving them back from the lab determined that the cause of Sarah's thinning hair and orange skin was Carotenemia. Its a very rare condition and the doctor only sees about 2-3 cases per year. The good news was that it was very easy to cure Sarah just had to stop her excessive intake of beta carotene. The  doctor also recommended that she find a good hair thinning shampoo and conditioner to rebuild her thinning hair. Thats when Sarah discovered PURA D’OR hair conditioner and shampoo with biotin on Amazon. After a couple weeks Sarah's thinning hair started growing back. Her skin color started going back to its original color too. It took Sarah a full month before her thinning hair was finally restored to its full and thick lustrous and glowing condition she had so desperately strived for.

Sarah thank you for sending in your story and we’re so happy that PURA D’OR was able to help.

Zeke Rich 

Editor and Staff Write for PURA D’OR