16oz Healing Conditioner
16oz Healing Conditioner
16oz Healing Conditioner
16oz Healing Conditioner
16oz Healing Conditioner
16oz Healing Conditioner
16oz Healing Conditioner

16oz Healing Conditioner

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PURA D’OR Healing Conditioner - Smooth as Silk! Our exclusive 99% Plant-Based, lightweight detangling formula eases strands and provides intense shine, without residue build up. Smoothing blend of Lavender Oil, Vanilla Extract, Argan Oil, and premium natural ingredients nourish as well as help control frizz. Free from harsh chemicals, environmentally responsible, hypo-allergenic, vegan and cruelty free.


Product Highlights:

  • Daily manageability for enhanced shine and silkiness
  • 99% Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Nourishes and controls frizz 


Benefits of Our Ingredients:

  • Lavender Oil eases and nourishes hair and scalp
  • Vanilla Extract helps control frizz
  • Argan Oil nourishes and strengthens hair


This Product is Great For: 

  • Managing Frizz
  • Enhancing Shine
  • Smoothing
  • Detangling 



  • Gorgeously Green. 99% Plant-Based premium natural detangling formula.

  • Tame the Mane. Smoothing blend of Lavender Oil, Vanilla Extract, Argan Oil, and other clinically tested natural ingredients ease and nourish hair, help control frizz and strengthen strands.

  • Naturally Effective. Nourished hair is manageable hair. This plant-based formulation helps dramatically transform hair, build strength, and provide intense shine without residue build up.

  • Gentle, Yet Effective. Exclusive blend of premium oils and Plant-Based ingredients specially formulated to effectively treat all hair types. Gentle enough for daily use.

  • Science + Nature. All PURA D’OR formulas combine science and nature to deliver transformative hair therapy. Select Certified Organic Ingredients. No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Harmful Chemicals. Gluten Free. Hypo-Allergenic. Cruelty Free. Manufactured in the USA. Color Safe. Vegan.

  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing. Manufactured in the USA in a facility that uses renewable energy.

Usage Tips

Work through wet hair following your favorite PURA D'OR Shampoo; leave on your hair and scalp for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.



*Certified Organic Ingredients

(Packaging May Vary)


Soft, Silky Hair! Great Scent!
By Jamie on Jun 20, 2016
I am really happy with the Pura D'Or Lavender and Vanilla Conditioner! I can't wait to get the Pura D'Or Shampoo. My hair feels soft, smooth, and not a tangle in sight. I have color treated, thin, dry hair and this conditioner added shine and much needed moisturizing oils. The scent is wonderful. I absolutely love Vanilla and Lavender. The fragrance is perfect. I used about a quarter size dollop – nor more or less than I usually use. The amount covered my entire head of hair and I could easily finger comb my hair with no tangles. The conditiAoner rinsed easy and did not weight down my hair. I towel dried my hair until damp and left time take care of the rest. I did not use any products in my hair afterwards. The scent is barely present unless you go right up and sniff or I've gotten used to it. My hair has a nice shine and bounce. It feels soft and silky, too. I am really happy with the conditioner and look forward to continued use…
Makes my hair smooth as silk
By R.L. Mills on Jun 20, 2016
I am becoming a huge fan of the Pura D'Or hair products. I first brought the dandruff shampoo for my husband and when it worked so quickly I wanted to try more of their products. I then tried the hair loss shampoo for myself and I have been so happy with it. My hair is so much healthier using these products ( and I have tried many name brand salon shampoos/conditioners). I received this conditioner to pair with my hair loss shampoo. I have very frizzy, unruly, dry hair and this conditioner is working wonders!! My hair has never been so silky and soft. The frizz has been almost non existent and this is in the Florida humid summer. I am having to use less styling products and flat iron my hair less. I used to have to flat iron my hair everyday. Now since using these products I just blow dry and iron once and my hair holds its smooth style until I wash it again. For this alone I am in love with this conditioner…
This conditioner smells so good!
By Kristin D. on Jun 19, 2016
First of all- This smells so good! It reminds me of a vanilla lavender lotion I used to have and I love the smell. It is not over powering, but subtle and sweet. It makes my hair very soft and silky, and has a lot of ingredients in it that is so good for the hair. It's a large container of conditioner, in my opinion, in comparison to this price point and high end conditioners, there is a large amount and I really like that it is a dispenser type of container instead of a squeeze out. I feel like you get more of the right amount of conditioner than if you were squeezing it out. My hair is naturally curly and very dry naturally so I am constantly looking for good conditioners. The other thing for naturally curly hair is it is usually very sensitive to the heavier products with chemicals in them, so this conditioner being all natural is really great for naturally curly haired people! I have not used this long enough to tell a huge difference in my hair, but I do love it so far!
Shining and Bouncy
By Trudy S. on Jun 08, 2016
Ok I love love love it. I am older and my hair no longer has that sheen and bounce to it. I have been using this for over a week and my hair is beginning to look like it did 20 years ago. It smells fantastic. Even my husband noticed the way my hair smells. I am happy and grateful for having the chance to try this out. My feeling is I found my new hair product and I am very confident in saying please try this for your hair. I definitely recommend it and will also be purchasing this again. Thanks for such a great product. Everything that was said about it is true. I know you will love it also.
Works Great
By Christine C. on May 23, 2016
This came well packaged and in a plastic bag to avoid leaking. It is a pretty good size bottle and I like the design of it. Not that its important to most but I like my shampoos and conditioner to look nice and on display in my bath room. Its attractive looking and that fact that it has a pump is a huge bonus. I hate having to open the top of most bottles and then towards the end flip the bottle. This just makes using it so much easier. The pump works well too. The scent of the is just like you would expect great very light with lavender and vanilla notes. I love that this is contains certified organic Ingredients, No Sulfates, No Parabens and Hypo-Allergenic. Also that this is a made in the USA product. It is pretty pricey but consider its a pretty good size bottle and you require very little of it, it last a while. I like that after reading up on ingredients in most conditioners with the build up of silicone and sulfate contribute to hair thinning is scary. So this made me feel better about the price and switching. I just put it on the bottom half near the ends of my hair and it helps with fizz and makes it feel healthier…
This conditioner smells great and best of all
By Melissa M. on May 15, 2016
This conditioner smells great and best of all, it WORKS! Four weeks of use and I have "baby hairs" sprouting along my hairline. This is pretty impressive, as I have no thyroid and have trouble keeping my hair as thick as it used to be. This shampoo has left my hair soft and clean, with no residue or buildup. It doesn't strip the hair like harsher types can - just leaves it clean and soft. It arrived well packaged in good condition, with no issues in transit or delivery. Great customer service. Altogether I am very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to give their hair growth a boost!
Smells and works great!
By Jonathan M. on May 08, 2016
I do not typically use products like this but I was pleasantly surprised with this hair shampoo product. After i used this product my girlfriend commented on how soft my hair was, she even commented on how good my hair smelled. This is a great product to repair damaged hair. What I loved: - Smells amazing! - Easily application - Worked very fast and removal was very easy with warm water What I did not like: - Nothing so far Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this product and will continue to use it and report back the results. If you are looking for a hair treatment that is made for anyone and will really clean your hair without smelling girly then this is the product for you!
Best smell ever!
By Nicole on May 01, 2016
I ordered this product because I can tell a huge difference when I use "healthy" shampoo and conditioner. This conditioner consists of argan oil and 99% plant based products. This also has the most amazing smell of lavender and vanilla which happen to be my two favorite! My daughter has very fine hair and tends to get a lot of frizz and static. This tames her hair and gives it the most beautiful shine. I love using this on my hair because it makes it feel like silk…
A lovely relaxing scent, leaves hear soft, shiny and easy to brush.
By S. Ziemer on Apr 28, 2016
I got this thinking I would get to use it, but my college daughter loved the scent and stole it away to her dorm. She has very long hair all down her back that is wavy and can get dry and tangled. This not only smells lovely (a soft pleasant scent, not too overpowering) while you shower and helps make your shower relaxing, but it leaves a light scent in your hair as well. It has made her hair soft and shiny and easy to brush. It's not too heavy or greasy at all, and soaks into the hair easily and rinses easily as well…
In love with Lavendar!
By Chrissy on Apr 27, 2016
I am soo in love with the smell first of all. Second I love how easy it is to use very good detail on the packaging I love the pump and use other than having to squeeze :). Last it adds so much luster to my hair and makes it so soft. I have course hair and after using I leave it on for about 5-15 minutes and it makes my hair so soft and bouncy without a greasy feeling afterwards. I also use the shampoo in this line and i have to say they make pretty good stuff…
Like you just stepped out of a salon......
By McDermott C. on Apr 26, 2016
We had a flood in our house a couple of years ago. I lost a good forty pounds due to stress. My beautiful thick hair had pretty much fallen out. I would take a shower and the bottom of the tub would be full of hair. I saw a commercial for a product called wen. It is basically a shampoo and conditioner in one. I thought I found the answer to my prayers. You put the product in your hair and comb it in with a special comb they give you. They claim that you only need to wash your hair every couple of days. They also claim it will tame unruly crazy hair. I spent an arm and a leg hopping to see the results I saw in the commercial. I was desperate to get my old hair back, even if it was a little out of control. After months of basically washing my money down the drain, I went back to the drawing board. I came across this product and for the great price I thought it could not hurt to try it. I absolutely love this product. Everything I saw in the wen commercial, I know see in my hair. I now only need to wash my hair every other day. I can color my hair again. My stylist actually used bleach on my hair and it did not damage it or fall out. I can actually just let my hair air dry and not look like I just came out of a bad 80's hair band video. Before I tried this product I had to blow dry and straighten my hair everyday. It is soft and so much fuller. I have cut my getting ready time in half. I got my old hair back plus the beautiful perk of it not being out of control anymore. I can actually say I love my hair now!
Great Smelling Conditioner! Leaves Hair really shiny!
By Tiffany Lynn on Apr 24, 2016
I have to say that when looking for a shampoo and Conditioner I tend to be very picky. I have a very dry scalp and I am very sensitive. So finding a balance between a shampoo and Conditioner that actually leaves your hair looking nice as well as leaving my scalp itch free is key for me. I like to use shampoos that are organic and well as cruelty free. Buying Organic is so important for your family and your health. Organic products are not only good for you but they are also better for the environment. It helps save harmful pesticides being used in our very sensitive environment. Whenever possible choose organic. Also It is important to look for products which are also cruelty free. There is no need to harm animals to test our products! You have choices in the world and every choice matters. Every time you choose cruelty free products you are helping to end animal cruelty by not purchasing products that harm poor innocent animals. We can make a difference as purchasers. This Conditioner smells amazing! I was really excited about that and the packaging was very nice, Ive had no problem with the pump so far. I have only used it a few times and already I have noticed a big difference with the condition of my hair, it looks less brittle and dry and way shinier!
It's made my natural curly hair manageable again and it shines !!!
By Mike B. on Apr 23, 2016
I've been using this conditioner for a month now and I love the way it has my hair feeling and looking. I have naturally curly hair and It's not a little wavy.. It's a lot of curls. Anybody with curly hair knows that everyday It's a fight with frizzy hair. But since I've started using this conditioner with one of the Pura D'Or shampoos. My hair has became a lot less frizzy and more smoothier and It's not as dull and lifeless as before this conditioner has gave it the shine back that it once had before I started getting highlights in it years ago. It doesn't take much conditioner at all, so a 16oz bottle will last a long time. It has a light fish smell to it…
Really calming scent, and makes my hair look amazing
By Margaret M. on Apr 15, 2016
The first time I used this conditioner I wasn't all that impressed. It's very lightweight, and the scent is lighter than I expected -- so many lavender products have a strong scent that I was expecting that, so the soft scent kind of threw me off. My hair looked amazing once it was dry though (I have short, fine, wavy hair, and I struggle with finding balance between volume, which I love and want, and frizz, which I hate and try to avoid; I air dry my hair 99% of the time) so I kept using it. And the more I use it, the more I like it. The vanilla scent takes the floral of the lavender down a notch and is actually really calming, more so than pure lavender in my opinion. And I really do like how my hair looks when I use this, I have lots of shine, volume, and movement. The pump makes it easy to use, and the bottle is pretty. I'll definitely be buying this again. I do find that using a tiny bit of a lightweight leave in conditioner after this helps with my hair getting tangles once It's dry, but I live someplace REALLY windy, and have a two year old who uses my hair as a comfort object, so I don't know if other people would need that…
My favorite conditioner
By M. Andersen on Apr 13, 2016
I have very long, straight hair that tends to frizz at the top of my head, is easily weighed down by products, is prone to breakage and can look greasy if I'm not very careful what I use. In short, it is very, very difficult to find a conditioner to fix all of my problems. I live in a very dry climate, so forgoing conditioner altogether is impossible. I love Pura D'Or products (I have completely replaced my moisturizer with their argan oil, and I LOVE IT), so when I got the chance to try this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review, I thought, "why not?" I'd just shelled out big bucks for another "all natural" conditioner from a different company, a few weeks prior, and the results were sorely lacking, so I felt this couldn't be any worse, right? I was ready to give it a go. This is, hands down, my favorite conditioner, EVER. All it takes is two squirts, which isn't very much, considering how much hair I have, but it gets th job done, and beautifully. So this bottle lasts quite a while. I don't really smell lavender or vanilla - there is a definite scent, which kind of reminds me of a grandma, but in a very pleasant way. I've gotten used to it, and actually have come to really enjoy conditioning, because of that familiar scent, and how well I know the product is working on my hair. After just the first use, I noticed the frizz on my head was GONE, despite using very little product at the scalp (like any conditioner, most of it should be used on the ends). My hair dried beautifully (I always air-dry; in this dry atmosphere, I can't afford to blowdry) and was sleek and smooth without looking weighed down. And it was SO shiny. This was all after just the first use. It's gotten even better after three solid weeks of using this wonderful product. This is what I've been waiting for, my whole life. I've told everyone I know about it, It's really that good…
This conditioner smells great and has a pure ingredient list.
By Christine R. on Apr 12, 2016
I truly enjoy using this conditioner. It leaves my hair looking smooth and beautiful. It also smells great. I love the smell of both lavender and vanilla. I appreciate that fact that it smells so good, but does not contain any artificial chemical fragrances. I like pump dispensers on products and this conditioner has a pump dispenser. It's so much easier to get the perfectly portioned amount of conditioner when using a pump dispenser as opposed to a squeeze bottle. The ingredient list on beauty products is very important to me. This conditioner is full of pure, healthy ingredients. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and it meets my criteria and standards for purity in a beauty product. I really like that fact that it does not contain any parabens at all…
Smells like a salon with the quality to match
By Ashley B. on Apr 10, 2016
Love, love, love this stuff. I have extremely thick hair. And It's long. Like lower back long. So needless to say, I have a lot to wash. But with it having the temperament it does, I can't wash it every day. I would anger it if I did. And it can be a beast if it wants. So I do my best not to provoke it. Dry shampoo is my friend. But this conditioner is the scent booster of the hair care world. Two days later and my hair still smells like lavender. Maybe It's the thickness of my hair trapping in the scent, but for me it stays going. I do need to use a fair amount of it each time, but no more than I do any other conditioner. When I put it in, it doesn't make my hair feel as oily as cheaper conditioners do. It feel like it soaks into my hair and there's not a bunch of residue left behind. My hair brushes nicely with no tangling (Again don't anger the beast. I've spent hours brushing my hair before). Plus the smell is amazing, it smells like a salon. My hair feels soft and smooth after. I really enjoy using this. I would like if more came out with each pump, but that's only because I use so much. And average amount of hair would probably not have that issue…
Really great conditioner that is now my only conditioner.
By Nico on Apr 07, 2016
I have used a couple PURA products before such as their argan oil as well as an anti-hair loss shampoo from them. I have never been unsatisfied with their products, they always work well for my hair and are top quality. This conditioner is no exception. I pair this conditioner with the gold label anti hair loss shampoo from PURA. I try to stay away from conditioners that have silicones and upon inspecting the ingredient list (picture included) I didn't see any silicones that I recognized which was an instant plus for me. The conditioner I was using before this one was a TREsemme botanical conditioner that had no silicones but this PURA conditioner worked much better than that one. When I condition my hair I use a comb to untangle my hair in the shower and with most past conditioners I have used I notice a lot of conditioner comes out of my hair with the comb. The first thing I noticed when I used this PURA conditioner was that very little conditioner came out of my hair with the comb which was really new to me but it made me realize that most conditioners I have used probably just sat on the hair while this one probably get deeper into the hair. This made me feel good about this conditioner and it made me realize the quality of the product. While I was washing out the conditioner my hair felt silkier than ever. This feeling obviously didn't last when water stopped running through it but it still had a much different feel than I have felt before. This conditioner was definitely a very different conditioner than any I have tried before but in a positive way. It left my hair feeling a lot smoother once dried and I feel no build up from silicones in my hair. Now for some logistical things about this conditioner aside from its performance. This conditioner, as stated, smells like lavender and vanilla. The smell is very clean and it is noticeable but not overbearing to the senses. The texture of the conditioner is like a very smooth cream that works into the hair easily (a lot of conditioners I have tried generally have a harder cream texture that doesn't really spread into the hair well and can fall out of my hands while I'm applying it). The pump on this bottle works very well but it takes 3-4 pumps for me to get enough conditioner to cover my hair. One other thing about this product that I really like but has no real importance is the color of the bottle I love the label and the deep cobalt blue of the bottle and I just wanted to say that somewhere. Overall this is a great conditioner that is high quality and has given me the best results of any conditioner I have used. I am really happy with this product and it replaced my other conditioner upon my first use…
The best vanilla and lavender scent combination I've ever come across in my life
By Casey on Apr 07, 2016
I've tried a lot of Pura D'Or products. They have consistent brand quality across the board. Their argan oil and face moisturizer had been my favorite products.... until now. This product BLEW me out of the water. The conditioner left my hair feeling soft, not waxy and heavy like other conditioners do. I loved that 99% of the ingredients were plant based. It also was sulfate and paraben free, an absolute must for any hair products I use. It also didn't irritate my sensitive skin. But more than anything, what was impressed me the most was the SCENT. It smelled absolutely beautiful. I don't know how Pura D'Or did it, but they found the perfect combination of lavender and vanilla scent. It is sooooo soothing. My boyfriend absolutely fell in the love with the scent to. He's usually a scrooge when it comes to hair products, he would never buy a conditioner for $29 but he said he would for this one. That says a lot. I wish I could send a virtual scent sample of this to any potential buyers, it would convince all of you! I would highly recommend this conditioner to anyone…
Soft and easy to manage in minutes!
By Myanna W. on Apr 06, 2016
Would I ever believe I could wash and condition my hair in a 10-minute shower and let it air-dry without going frizzy?? Well, let's just say the day ran away with me and I did... when I came back to "style" my hair, it was a 2-minute job that had me laughing out the door! This product is excellent. It doesn't have any harsh smells to it and just a small quarter-sized dollop is enough to infiltrate a head of shoulder-length hair. After towel-drying hair is extremely soft and easy to comb through. When I came back to "style" it after a few hours at my computer it literally took less than 5 minutes whizzing a straightener through it and all frizz was gone and it was so soft…
Smells amazing and works miracles on the scalp!
By Elizabeth on Apr 05, 2016
Smells amazing and works miracles on the scalp! Recently I have been having terrible problems regarding the well-being of my scalp. I noticed that ever since I bleached my hair about two years ago my scalp has been constantly irritated and red. I think this has a lot to deal with the fact that when I first bleached my roots my stylist at the time put the bleach on my scalp and it literally burnt the flesh. Since then I have noticed that the skin on my scalp comes off quite easily in chunks and my hair seems to be thinning or falling out more frequently. I consulted a professional about this and I was told that it may be due the fact that my scalp was damaged and never healed properly. Right now I only use purple shampoo, and I was told that I was only supposed to use purple shampoo for hair maintenance one to two times every week. Anyhow, that led me to the hunt for an alternative natural inspired shampoo and conditioner. I decided to try this conditioner because it had argan oil and it was labeled as a healing conditioner, exactly what i need for my dry hair and irritated scalp combination. I really needed a conditioner that was made from a blend of oils so that it would hydrate my hair but I think my irritate scalp was very sensitive to harsh chemicals which this shampoo does not contain! Yay! Also just for those animal lovers out there such as myself, this product is cruelty free! Beauty with out the bunnies! I was a bit worried about the shelf-life of this product because I was under the impression that it does not contain any type of preservatives! But I think I will be done with this product before it goes to the dumps. I use about 3 pumps to coat my hair, it smells absolutely wonderful and it doesn't make my hair feel heavy at all. I still use my hair masks and focus them at the tips of my hair where my hair is the most damaged and fried and I use this lighter conditioner at the roots of my hair. I only wash my hair once ever 3-4 days because it is severely damaged and dry due to the amount of processing it has undergone. I can really say that this product is good because it is very light weight, I do not feel like it is greasy at all. How I use the product: 1. Start with clean shampooed hair. 2. Apply 2 pumps and work through the hair starting from the tips onto the scalp 3. Leave on for 5 minutes 4. Wash out the conditioner. 5. Apply another pump and work it through your hair to leave hair 6. apply head protectant and blow dry your hair. This allows my hair to be worn down for at least 3 days before it starts getting out of control. I really like brow drying out my hair because I feel like it lasts longer than if I were to just air dry and style. These days I feel like my scalp is less irritated and when I check in the mirror the red patches are significantly less…
Finally Healthy Hair
By Kaycie B. on Apr 04, 2016
This is a wonderful conditioner. I loved the smell and the thickness of it. it is made from natural oils that left my hair very soft and manageable. I got several compliment on how wonderful my hair smelled. My hair is very curly and it left my curls frizz free and full of bounce and volume. My hair has gained luster and shine that it didn't have before I can tell it has gotten stronger and less brittle. it looks and feels healthier and shiny. My husband even noticed something different with my hair and that is saying al lot considering I can change my hair color and he wont noticed I would defiantly recommend this to everyone of my friends and family this is gonna be the only shampoo and conditioner I ever buy…
By Steph K. on Apr 04, 2016
I received this Pura D'Or Healing Conditioner with Lavender and Vanilla almost two weeks ago. This is a large bottle of healing conditioner at 16 ounces and is great being that is 99% plant based. This also benefits my hair with the Argan Oil in the conditioner. This smells awesome with the Lavender and Vanilla and contains no Sulfates, Parabens, or harsh chemicals. I used this after shampooing my hair and left it in to condition for a few minutes before rinsing. Once I was ready to rinse this conditioner was great at removing tangles and giving my hair a soft feel. This is ideal as I have long blonde hair just past the shoulders and if I do not use a detangling it can be difficult to comb my hair when wet. I have also been using for my seven year old daughter who has long brown hair which is nearly halfway down her back. Her hair is constantly getting tangled although hers is not as thick as mine. Overall, I love having this and using it on her since it does not contain any of those harsh chemicals. It is safe for my both her hair and mine with highlights. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends as well as look to buy again for myself and for my family…
Smells divine and keeps the frizz to a minimum.
By Sandy K. on Mar 31, 2016
I've started using Morocaan black soap almost exclusively to shampoo my hair. It leaves my hair "squeaky clean" and my naturally curly hair loves not being weighted down with "build up". All this to say, I was looking for a conditioner to pair with my new "shampoo". Since my hair is naturally curly, I have not taken a brush or a comb to it in at least 20 years so I "have" to use a conditioner to keep tangles away. Lavender and vanilla, two of my favorite scents, combined with Argan oil, YES PLEASE! I love Argan oil. I use it on my skin (including my face) and on my hair to keep the frizz to a minimum. This conditioner smells DIVINE. I love the smell! It feels good while It's on and is "slicky" enough for me to run my fingers through my hair. Squeeze excess water out, put a little curl cream and straight Argan oil on and let it dry naturally equals nice, healthy curls. Every time I get my hair cut my stylist comments on how healthy my hair is. It's products like this one and keeping the hair dryer in the cabinet that result in healthy hair for me…
Mmm lavender and vanilla! For soft hair that smells like dessert!
By T. Hendy on Mar 31, 2016
This all natural conditioner is simply the best! Super hydrating without leaving a greasy film on my hair like so many natural conditioners do. The ingredient lists are simple plant based ingredients that you can actually pronounce. This conditioner contains essential oils, olive oil, Argan oil, and plant extracts from lavender and vanilla that make your hair smell like heaven! My hair is very damaged from going from blonde to Burnette this year and this conditioner is bringing back my natural shine! Hallelujah! I use this every day and with each use my hair just gets better and better! Softer, less tangles, more shine, and more manageable! I'm starting to really like my hair again! I like using this on my 4 young daughters. I love natural products that are free from harsh unnecessary chemicals on them. This conditioner is perfect. Gentle and moisturizing on them and I can't get over the smell. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I highly recommend this conditioner!
Good product ! Would recommend!
By Jen M. on Mar 30, 2016
I purchased the shampoo and condition duo for my mother who in her senior years has been losing a lot of hair and dealing with a dry, itchy scalp. She has been using this product about a week and her dry scalp is gone. The itchiness caused by the dryness is also completely gone. She says the shampoo lathers nicely and feels good on the scalp. The conditioner also works well and seems to de tangle as well as clear her itchiness . Both products combined leave her hair bouncy and healthy for the first time in a long time. As far as stopping her hair from falling out, we have yet to see the results as it has only been a week but I will update the review as soon as we have given it some time to work . Overall the product is great so far. She did mention that she does not love the smell of either product. It seems to have a very earthly organic smell to it and she prefers something a bit sweeter or more feminine. We realize this product is for both men and women so be aware that because of that, I'm sure the scent was purposely toned down. We also realize this is an organic , chemical free product so that also may have something to do with the scent . Aside from that, that we are looking forward to seeing what this product will do with her hair loss issues…
Smells amazing!
By Amanda D on Mar 29, 2016
I am probably one of Pura D'Or's biggest fans! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Argan Oil hair shampoos and conditioners but I never knew they had ones with different scents! Vital Cosmetics International has the Pura D'Or Lavender & Vanilla Premium Organic Argan Oil healing Conditioner and it is amazing! my husband makes fun of me on a daily basis because I have fallen madly in love with how Argan Oil makes my hair feel. i have frizzy, curly hair that I straighten everyday so my hair needs all the healing it can get! Using this conditioner i am able to run my fingers through my hair right when i get out of the shower with no tangles or breakage. After blow drying I am almost able to just leave my hair alone without any straightening, so this conditioner works. What I love the most about this conditioner is the smell! Argan Oil shampoos and conditioners normally smell herbal...it is not a bad smell just not one I would normally buy for shampoo...however this lavender and vanilla conditioner smells great! I am hooked and will be buying this again!
Sent from Heaven!
By Laurie G. on Mar 28, 2016
Pura D'Or Lavender & Vanilla Healing Conditioner is heaven sent! I have extremely dry, frizzy, curly hair and this conditioner works wonders on my hair. I could tell a difference once I started to rinse it out of my hair. I couldn't believe how silky and soft it felt. The frizz and fly-aways were tamed. After I get out of the shower, It's usually a race against the clock to comb and apply my products before it dries and turns into a giant, frizzy puffball. Using this conditioner, my hair is smooth and extremely hydrated without being oily or greasy. When I comb my hair, the comb slips through. I can't tell you the dread and struggle of combing my hair in the past. This conditioner is like a miracle! I applied my products and waited for my hair to dry. that's the true test. I couldn't believe how great my hair looked. My curls were defined, bouncier and shiny. My hair felt so soft and silky that I couldn't stop touching it. The volume and frizz was under control. My hair looked fabulous. Along with making my hair look wonderful, Pura D'Or Lavender & Vanilla Healing Conditioner smells so, so, so very heavenly. The lavender combined with vanilla creates the most wonderful scent. I couldn't stop smelling my hair! Pura D'Or Lavender & Vanilla Healing Conditioner is a truly exceptional product! I hope it works as well for you as it did for me…
Soft hair is happy hair!
By KC on Mar 27, 2016
This is my favorite and best by far that I have in my bathroom!! This premium organic Lavender & Vanilla argan oil healing conditioner is the best product I have ever used on my hair...argan oil is amazing but this is just lovely the smell is the best smell I have ever encountered and this makes your hair just smell so amazing and last for a very long time practically until the next wash the smell just slightly lessens slowly throughout the day and night but seriously wow...hands down my new favorite conditioner.... This healing conditioner does just that, heals your hair, it makes it smoother, less breakage, stronger, less split ends, soft, silky, and manageable...I cant get over just how lovely this conditioner smells and yes I love the smell of Lavender and Vanilla is ok but I never imagined these two being combined into this conditioner and im serious it is just the greatest smell and the most realistic smell...and this comes in a nice size of 16oz and this product is fairly thick and you dont need much it goes along ways so the product will last a long time and I particularly like the fact that after applying this to your hair it soaks into your hair and actually penatrates and gets down deep you can feel it unlike other conditioners that generally puts a film of conditioner all through your hair like a thick coating on your strands and sometimes feels like it does want to wash out completely this definitely does rinse out nice and clean...this conditioner is free of artifical colors, artifical fragrances and harsh preservatives. As I said it is organic and consists of coconut and vegtable proteins that help to hydrate, heal, and repair damaged hair...this conditioner manages frizz, adds shine, smooths and detangles, and has no harmful chemicals...im hooked.. I love this product, it is the best conditioner I have ever used and the best on the market...this product is definitely worth getting, it is highly recommended, and is certainly worth the price...it definitely works!!
Leaves your hair smooth, shiny and smelling great.
By Pila D. on Mar 23, 2016
My daughter has long thick hair and a very sensitive head and these two things don't always go so good together, her hair is very straight and gets tangled very easily which makes brushing through it difficult and even more difficult when wet. We have tried many items to try to make this task a little easier and still be able to keep the long hair and have not had much luck. If we do find a conditioner that makes brushing while wet a little easier it always leaves her hair looking oily. We found this product while searching Amazon that sounded pretty good but was it just another one of those items claiming to do magic and make your hair look and feel Amazing. With some hesitation we placed the order and received it in two days as promised, it arrived wrapped in bubble wrap and enclosed in a box with more bubble wrap and was in perfect condition with no damage or leaking. My daughter was anxious to give it a try as soon as it arrived and was a very happy girl when she came out with her hair all brushed and bragging how silky it made her hair and loved the way it left her hair smelling so clean and fresh. After going around and having everyone feel and smell her hair she went on to tell us how easy her hair was to brush and how she could not wait to tell her friend who also struggles with the same problem. I must say the conditioner did smell very good and I was impressed with how soft it made her hair feel and how easy it was to brush through while it was wet as well as after it dried. I also loved the fact that it was organic and made from 99 percent vegetable base ingredients, it is ok for daily use on all types of hair and is a product of the USA. I must say that this conditioner made me a believer that not all hair products are the same and it definitely stood up to what it promised. We give this conditioner two thumbs up...I received this product at a reduced price for my true and honest review. I highly recommend it even at regular retail, It's well worth the money.
Heavenly Smell - Great on Damaged Colored Hair
By Sarah H. on Mar 22, 2016
This Conditioner is HEAVENLY. The smell is Lavender Vanilla, and reminds me of the "sleep" aroma therapy lotion from bath and body works, except its for your hair! I love that it has the pump, so you do not use more than you really need. I usually do not use conditioner on my roots, and I have extremely long hair, and I only use about 2 pumps of this conditioner. It helps keep my hair untangled through out the day as it is an extreme moisturizing conditioner, and even helps with combing my hair after a shower. I color my hair frequently, and this conditioner helps keeps my hair healthy in-between coloring. It also helps prevent split ends!!!
Love the smell of this conditioner
By Sarah A. on Mar 22, 2016
Ohhhh I love the smell of this conditioner..mmm it smells great! This conditioner is wonderful, and has helped my hair feel softer and has helped with taming the frizz and the conditioner is not heavy. Gorgeously Green. 99% Plant-Based premium natural detangling formula. Science + Nature. Certified Organic Ingredients. No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Harmful Chemicals. Gluten Free. Dr Trusted. Hypo-Allergenic. Cruelty Free. Made in the USA. Color Safe. Naturally Effective. This plant-based based formulation dramatically transforms hair building strength and providing intense shine, without residue build up. Tame the Mane. Smoothing blend of Lavender Oil, Vanilla Extract, Argan Oil, and other natural ingredients soothe and nourish the hair and scalp, help control frizz and build follicle strength. Gentle Yet Effective. Exclusive blend of premium oils & plant-based ingredients specially formulated to effectively treat all hair types. Gentle enough for daily use…
Smells great, leaves hair feeling soft and manageable!
By T. Gallagher on Mar 21, 2016
To begin with, I love the smell of this conditioner! It is probably the best smelling conditioner I have ever used. Second of all, it is a fantastic conditioner. My hair is soft and manageable and feels great overall. The bottle does say to use after Pura D'Or shampoo, which I did do as I have pura D'Or shampoo for hairloss prevention (which I also highly recommend). So I can't say how it is without using it in conjunction with Pura D'Or shampoo. I love that it comes in a pump bottle so it is easier to dispense. I used 3 pumps for my hair which is about half way down my back in length, so shorter hair would not need to use as much. I also did not apply it to my scalp area since I tend to have oily hair. The bottle suggests using it all over and I was concerned it would leave my hair more oily. It is probably a personal preference. I have used several Pura D'Or products and have come to really like them and find they are definitely worth the price. Recently, I saw shampoo and conditioner at CVS, but the price on Amazon is cheaper…
Made in the USA, 99% Plant-Based and Cruelty Free. YES, YES & YES!
By Melissa A. on Mar 18, 2016
I was really impressed with the amount of plant based, sustainably grown and harvested ingredients and organic ingredients. I am a little bit hippie, lotta bit healthy kinda gal. Read the info above, they are also cruelty free! couldn't wait to try this. I can not stand the overly chemical smell of most products lately. I can be a little sensitive to chemicals (I have to carry 2-3 epi pens with me everywhere I go). This smells fantastic! A not too strong fragrance that made me go back for several more whiffs. I rubbed some on my arm, it felt really nice (yes I know its conditioner but I usually do a skin test first). Now onto the test (oh how I wish I had their shampoo!). It felt really good going into my hair (long, Caucasian curly), not too thin at all. Some conditioners are watery thin (hate that!). The smell of course was still amazing, not overpowering at all. Just right. I figured combed it through, shaved my legs and rinsed it out. I braid my hair at night so my hair doesn't strangle me in my sleep. Many (many) times it is difficult to comb through but this time it was not. It seemed much smoother. Once my hair was dry I did what we call the crazy hair test. When new curly hair grows in around my face and on the top of my head if I have not used a good conditioner I look like I have crazy hair. My husband actually said how come you don't have crazy hair (so much for my self esteem)? There were no crazy hairs going everywhere! It looked smooth, it felt soft! The next morning when I un-braided my hair and could not believe how soft it felt. I do not dry, color or process my 53 year old hair however curly hair always need a little extra something to make it look not so crazy. I am very happy with the results of this conditioner and plan on trying the shampoo next…
Leaves hair soft and shiny! Smells great!
By Danielle R. on Mar 15, 2016
This is one of my favorite conditioner of all time! It works really well on my fine, medium length, fairly straight. professionally colored hair. i leaves it very soft and shiny with out weighing it down at all. It smells really good! It is kind of a hard smell to describe because the lavender and vanilla smell are very very subtle. It almost has a sweet, clean smell to it, without being overly fragrant or perfumey. The smell also lingers in my hair most of the day. It is not too thick and very easy to rinse out. It has a light creamy texture. You only have to leave it on for a couple minutes to see the benefits. My hair is feels super soft and is a little bit shinier. I have noticed a smoothness to my fly aways. My hair also feels healthier. The pump bottle is very pretty and convenient. Overall, this is a really nice conditioner, definitely salon quality. I love the list of natural plant based ingredients and no harsh chemicals. I find myself running my finger through my hair more because it feels so good. I am not sure I would recommend it for a man, unless he likes "prettier" smells. It does a pretty good job making my hair less tangled, definitely better than a lot of other conditioners I have used…

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