Argan kernel oil


How come Argan Oil is a PURA D’OR haircare favorite?  It can give you the luscious, glossy locks of your dreams!


If there is a special ingredient loved by PURA D’OR, it’s Argan Oil. Derived from the kernels of the fruit of the argan tree, Argan Oil originates in Morocco.


Traditionally, it was called liquid gold, thanks to its warm color and huge popularity. As our first ever product, Argan Oil inspired our brand name. PURA D’OR means Pure Gold!

To this day, we use Argan Oil as an important ingredient in many of our offerings. 




Argan Oil has amazing benefits for your hair and scalp.


  1. 1. Argan Oil helps prevent limp, lank, dry, brittle hair. Since it’s rich in fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid, it maintains moisture and lubricates the hair shaft.


  1. 2. Argan Oil does wonders for your scalp. Although more formal research is needed, it is thought to help with dandruff and other scalp-related conditions. It also fosters a healthier scalp environment, one in which it’s easier for hair to grow.


  1. 3. Argan Oil calms frizz! It helps seal the hair cuticle (the outermost layer of your hair strand). This reduces split ends and frizz. Its Vitamin E content also helps protect hair from breakage and split ends.


  1. 4. A 2013 research study found that Argan Oil helps offset the damage caused by the hair dyeing process.



    Try these top products with Argan Oil to help your hair:



    Argan Oil:  Argan Oil is a versatile oil with benefits for scalp, skin, and hair. It relieves dry scalp and coats hair strands and seals hair cuticles so your hair looks and feels healthier. It helps boost shine and you can even add it to the ends of your strands to fight frizz!





    Argan Oil Heat Shield Protectant Spray:

    This well-loved product protects your hair from heated styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers. Just spray it on before putting heat near your hair! Infused with Argan Oil to nourish and moisturize.








    Advanced Therapy Set (Shampoo/Conditioner): A powerful blend of 17 Key Active ingredients stimulates hair follicles. This clinically tested set reduces hair thinning due to breakage. Increase moisture, shine, strength, and luster with Advanced Therapy!





    Apple Cider Vinegar Set

    (Shampoo/Conditioner): Our clarifying Apple Cider Vinegar Set helps remove dirt and residue from your scalp since buildup can cause itching and flaking. Keratin helps strengthen hair and reduces frizz and tangles. Biotin fortifies your strands for thicker-looking hair!








    Color Harmony Set (Shampoo/Conditioner): ColorHarmony is very helpful for highlighted or color-treated hair, especially if you have blonde, gray, or silver. Our purple shampoo revitalizes damaged, brittle strands. Vitamins A and C and collagen all help in renewal and repair. This set tones and balances color and prevents your hair from looking brassy.






    Gold Label Set

    (Shampoo/Conditioner): You’ve probably heard of our anti-hair thinning Biotin shampoo and deep moisturizing Biotin conditioner. It’s an extremely popular set! With 17 Key Actives to strengthen hair, impede breakage, and eliminate sources of thinning hair. 








    Professional Grade Therapy System (Shampoo/Conditioner): This clinically tested set not only reduces hair thinning due to breakage, but it has twice the concentration of our popular Gold Label Biotin Anti-Thinning Set. Revives damaged hair, leaving it stronger and healthier-looking!  With Argan Oil for shine and manageability.  

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    *PURA D’OR is a brand of cosmetic and personal care items, and as such, we make no medical claims. Our products and brand do not claim to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent medical conditions.

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