Essential Oils' Surprising Benefits Revealed by University of California!

Essential Oils' Surprising Benefits Revealed by University of California!

When UCI studied the properties of natural essential oils, participants reaped the benefits! As part of the study, they breathed in the oils’ scents via a diffuser as they slept. What happened? Their cognitive capacity increased 226% compared to the study’s control group. 

This is fantastic news. It means you can sleep and improve your memory at the same time!  Using an essential oil diffuser at night is a super-simple, non-invasive way to strengthen memory. It may even help deter dementia.

Here are the details: Participants aged 60-85 received oil cartridges to put into diffusers, which activated for two hours as the participants slept. The results displayed the intimate connection between smell and memory. 

UCI reported, “Imaging revealed better integrity in the brain pathway called the left uninate fasciculus”.This improved functioning was tested by means of the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test. The UCI study concluded that even minimal “olfactory enrichment” improved “both cognitive and neural functioning”. 








PURA D’OR is proud to offer two organic essential oil sets, the Perfect 10 and the Sweet 16.  Vogue made the connection between our oils and improved sleep in autumn 2023 It’s a great time for you to do the same, and gift your favorite elders with an organic essential oil set for the holidays!

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